外贸函电:因涨价而建议先订购2011-03-28 21:18:27
通知价格上涨作为订购的诱因。Dear Sirs,From the lst of next month, the prices of all our products will be raised by 10%, We regret this, but increase of price has become unavoidable in view of the risi
外贸函电:请于广告促销前订购2011-03-28 21:17:57
在利用零售广告以增加销售前,奉劝顾客务必把握良机。可以用较亲切的语气书写。Dear Sirs,You have probably received details of the excellent offer for chemicals which were recently introduced to the worldw
外贸函电:请求依据样品订购2011-03-27 18:02:39
若要让对方下订单,必须将订购的繁琐手续减至最低,以利买主行动。当然,富有煽动性的说服之辞仍然是最重要的。Dear Sirs,We were pleased to receive your inquiry of April 23, and trust that you received our c
外贸函电:以折扣建议订购2010-06-15 18:38:36
为如期交货,最好及早告知其必要资料,争取订单。Dear Sirs,By now you will have received our new price list giving details of the reductions in prices for all our products, which came into effect on Janu
外贸函电:请求折扣与有利条件2010-06-13 22:11:11
这封信以理所当然的态度,大方地请求降价,颇具冲击力。Dear Sirs,Thank you for your letter of April 5 enclosing your price list. Your Chinese "soy sauce" would not be suitable for our customers, but we w
外贸函电:不允诺折扣则向他方订购2010-06-12 20:16:25
这封信采取坦率、简洁的写法,非常有力而具紧迫感。Dear Sirs,We thank you for your letter of March 10 giving us your latest quotations for your textile goods.We are, frankly speaking, quite disappointed
外贸函电:提供新产品代替旧产品2010-05-11 18:24:22
奉劝对方采用新产品是绝对明智的作法。Dear Sirs,We thank you very much for your letter of June 15 enclosing your order for 500 pieces of Roses pattern silk cloth. We appreciate your demand for this arti
外贸函电:承诺缓和交易条件的要求2010-05-10 23:19:05
如果要求让步的条件可行,也不会涉及付款上的风险时,可以允诺对方以扩大销售。但若情况不同,就必须慎重考虑再作决定。Dear Sirs,We have received your letter of September 23 in which you ask for a concession
外贸函电:允诺条件和价格而接受订单2010-05-09 21:47:57
除了让步之外,提供更有利的条件也是交易的诀窍。初次交易时,不容易按照自己所希望的条件成交,但是,只要不屈不挠地重复报价,相信会有转机。Dear Sirs,We have carefully considered the proposals you made in y
外贸函电:承诺要求价格与条件,承诺订单2010-05-08 11:40:08
可预知将来无法再允诺与先前同样的条件时,应及早通知对方。Dear Sirs,We take pleasure in confirming that your order No.286 is ready for dispatch, and we await only your shipping instructions.Enclosed is
外贸函电:要求折扣订购2010-05-06 21:12:10
借着订购来要求折扣是非常具有效果的,但对方是否接受则须视情况而定。Dear Sirs,We have now had the opportunity to examine the samples and patterns you sent us on April the 2nd.Prices are agreed to with t
外贸函电:若增加数量则承诺订单2010-04-15 20:42:46
对其要求提出折衷办法,是此类信函的书写要点。Dear Sirs,We are very sorry to learn from you letter of October 10 that you could not find our offer quite attractive to you. We appreciate that our goods a
外贸函电:因未履行交货而取消订单2010-03-21 21:05:20
这种内容的信件,以率真、简洁地传达意见为重点。Dear Sirs,Further to our letter of March 10, we have no option but to cancel order No.381 for one hundred sets of March. This confirms our cable today; CA
外贸函电:请求信守交货期2010-03-19 20:07:24
贸易上经常发生延迟交货的情形。若到期而货物未送抵,会造成惨重的损失,则最好在交易之初就向卖方提出。Dear Sirs,We take pleasure in enclosing our order No.381 for one hundred sets of portable radios at th
外贸函电:对追加订单请求折扣2010-03-12 20:12:54
本书信范例,可供指定条件或价格的交易场合作参考。Dear Sirs,As we stated in our letter of October 21, we have been intending to place a repeat order for some of your textile goods.As the prices in our l
外贸函电:对于报价要求装船和数量详情2010-03-09 20:08:21
贸易信函最忌迟滞。因此,若收到这类函件应立即调查,迅速回复,千万别错失良机。Dear Sirs,In reference to your offer of 10th December, we are pleased to inform you we have always had excellent sales with
外贸函电:请求就付款条件再让步2010-03-07 20:47:23
交易条件包括信用证(L/C, letter of credit)、付款交单(D/P, documents against payment)及承兑交单(D/A, documents against acceptance)等等.Dear Sirs,We have received with thanks your letter of April
外贸函电:推荐寄送目录上的新产品2010-03-06 19:57:37
对于深获好评的新产品,可如本例所示,不必等候顾客的反应,积极推销即可收获。Dear Sirs,By now you will have had a chance to look over our catalog sent to you last month. Your attention is invited to the
外贸函电:因宣传活动获得利润而请求订购2010-03-02 22:21:28
先以销售之宣传活动为利诱,使对方明了此乃订购的绝佳时机。Dear Sirs,Sales have soared in your country since we sold out the fabrics we talked about in our letter of March 28, when we forwarded our patte
外贸函电:认同运费保费在内价的交易2010-02-27 09:08:30
这是一封交涉交易条件的重要商业书信。Dear Sirs,We have arranged insurance on your consignment of electric motor cars to be shipped in these ten days. As you will be plancing regulay orders with us, we
外贸函电:期望以运费保险费在内价交易2010-02-23 22:30:04
本书信范例,乃先予订购,事后再行交涉各种条件。Dear Sirs,We enclose herewith our order for Swedish furniture, Please dispatch as quickly as possible. As we will be ordering regularly from you, we have
外贸函电:谢绝买方报价2010-02-21 13:11:57
经由合理地叙述无法再予打折的理由,往往反而获致对方的好感,因此,不可不积极执行。Dear Sirs,We thank you for your counter offer of August 25, in which you request a more competitive price for our model
外贸函电:谢绝卖方报价2010-02-18 21:18:50
拒绝对方的报价时,应该先设想对方的反应,以谨慎决定,是表示下次交涉呢或表示毫无兴趣。不客气的回绝,若非必要尽量少用。Dear Sirs,Many thanks for your offer of November 21 for 1,000 units of TV sets.We re
外贸函电:告知大量订购的特别折扣2010-02-13 10:46:50
交易条件的通融、价格折扣与及早交货,都是提高基本说服效益的有力工具,应该极力表明。Dear Sirs,Improved methods of production have enabled us to offer you our range of Bright dry batteries at a reduced p
外贸函电:请求检析结果的订单2010-02-09 08:26:39
先藉着实际示范或展销吸引顾客,再以信件提示特殊的交易优惠条件,可收宏效。Dear Sirs,When our representative was in New York you were good enough to inspect the full range of our products and novelties f
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