G20峰会上演“考拉外交” 萌翻各国领导人

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G20峰会上演考拉外交 萌翻各国领导人

World leaders arrived at the G20 summit in Australia this weekend to help resolve serious global crises - but they stayed for the koalas.

Before getting down to the hard business of fixing the economy, ending the Ebola epidemic and getting to the bottom of the situation in Ukraine, participants of the high-level talks in Brisbane were each handed Australia's cuddly mascot for a photo-op Saturday.
All heads of state at the summit, from the ‘leader of the free world’ President Obama to the ‘Iron Chancellor’ Angela Merkel, proved powerless against the charms of the ridiculously photogenic animals.
Even the usually stone-faced Valdimir Putin, the summit's bete noire, was pictured cracking a rare smile while embracing an adorable marsupial, who appeared to be trying to escape the Russian president’s iron grip.
President Obama was equally overjoyed to spend some quality time with a koala named 'Jimbelung.'
But Obama's new furry friend did not seem very much impressed with the US commander-in-chief, and instead focused his attentions on the koala in the arms of Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
At one point, the two fluffy creatures even exchanged a smooch, to the obvious delight of Obama and Abbott.
Meanwhile the ladies of the G20 were also treated to the ultimate Aussie experience and were led by Mr Abbott's wife, Margie, through Brisbane's Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary on Saturday.
The G20 leaders' wives also getting up close and personal and got to cuddle some koalas while they also got to hand feed some Kangaroos.
Chinese President Xi Jinping's wife Peng Liyuan and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's wife Laureen were among the first ladies who laughed nervously as a couple of large kangaroos sidled up to help themselves to the offered food.
The G20 first ladies also got to get alongside some of the country's scaley reptiles, Margie Abbott braving it, decided to hold a snake.
But the ‘koala diplomacy’ could only carry the western leaders so far.
Once the smiles and fuzzy embraces were over, the talks hit their first major stumbling block when Mr Putin declared that he would leave Brisbane early after being threatened with additional economic sanctions if he failed to end Russian backing for rebels in Ukraine.



从“自由世界领导者”奥巴马到“铁娘子”安格拉•默克尔(Angela Merkel),各国领导人对这些可爱的考拉毫无招架之力。
就连在会议上遭冷遇、素来表情冷酷的俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔•普京(Valdimir Putin)在怀抱可爱的考拉时也露出了难得一见的微笑。只是他怀里的考拉似乎想要从他的铁腕中挣脱出来。
但Jimbelung忽略了这位美国总统,把注意力放在澳大利亚总理托尼•阿博特(Tony Abbott)怀里的考拉身上。
星期六,在阿伯特的夫人玛吉的带领下,各国领导人夫人参观了布里斯班龙柏考拉动物园(Brisbane’s Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary),体验了一次独有的澳大利亚风情。
当几只袋鼠慢慢走近享用食物时,中国国家主席习近平的夫人彭丽媛和加拿大总理史蒂夫•哈珀(Stephen Harper)的夫人劳琳(Laureen)都十分紧张。
各国的第一夫人还看了许多爬行动物。玛吉•阿博特(Margie Abbott)十分勇敢地拿起了第一条蛇。
但是,“考拉外交”(Koala diplomacy)带来的欢乐气氛并没有延续到会议中。


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