为何好老板经常不开心2014-03-28 21:05:11
为何好老板经常不开心Why Good Bosses Are Often Unhappy Bosses Everyone wants their boss to play fair, but new research suggests that while doing so might make employees happy, it's not always so great
You’re Not As Busy As You Say You Are2014-03-28 20:42:06
Are you too busy? You should be, and you should let people know in a proud but exasperated tone. Like this, from an old colleague I recently asked for advice: “I would like to help but I can not
10 Easy Ways to Recognize Liars2014-03-28 20:39:55
People lie all the time, but depending on how skilled they are, it can be difficult to determine when someone is lying to you. Do you know how to recognize the signs that someone is lying to you? So
澳洲游:人间胜地2014-03-26 12:14:33
澳洲游:人间胜地Down Under, Up & OverA journey along Australia’s east coast and southeast Asia might read like a backpacker’s itinerary; a student on a gap year of self-discovery before ta
关于肥胖的五大误区2014-03-26 12:10:34
关于肥胖的五大误区Five myths about obesityDeborah Cohen is a senior natural scientist at the Rand Corp. and the author of the forthcoming book “A Big Fat Crisis: The Hidden Forces Behind the Obe
九种美味养身茶2014-03-26 12:09:02
九种美味养身茶9 Tasty Teas to Improve Your HealthGreen Tea There might not be any such thing as a magic potion, but if you’re serious about wanting to take your health to the next level, green
十件事助你寻回伴侣魅力2014-03-24 20:43:25
十件事助你寻回伴侣魅力Ten Things You Can Do To Feel More Attracted to Your Partner1. Redefine Attraction How do you evaluate your partner’s attractiveness? Look at yourself in this process too.
Silver bullets?2014-03-22 17:21:19
Reader question:When the boss told us not to look for silver bullets, what does he mean?My comments:Have you heard of the term “magic bullets”? Same thing.Your boss means to say you should
【趣谈英国】想打电话?伦敦地铁没信号!2011-04-20 19:59:43
2月份的时候曾经有一条非常引人注目的新闻:中国的电讯设备巨头华为公司,出资5000万英镑免费为伦敦地铁提供手机网络的覆盖。(Chinese technology company Huawei has volunteered £50million to help bring mobile
双语诗歌欣赏:温总理诗作“仰望星空”2010-11-30 17:54:58
哲理小故事:网络不是万能的2010-11-30 11:27:28
【双语美文】感恩节 让心中充满感谢2010-11-25 22:10:18
我们要感谢一切,感谢微笑,感谢哭泣,感谢成功,感谢失败!感谢父母,感谢家庭,感谢老师,感谢伙伴,感谢所有爱我们和我们爱的人!值此感恩节,请不要吝啬我们的感谢,大声说出来吧!Be thankful that you don't a
双语美文:一切 皆是因为爱2010-11-23 20:42:49
双语:做白日梦会降低幸福感2010-11-21 16:48:42
Daydreaming Diminishes Happiness做白日梦会降低幸福感 Ah, daydreaming. Is there anything more pleasant than sitting back and letting your thoughts drift? Well, yes: not letting your thoughts drift, fo
科学证明:“迎难而上”非智举2010-11-19 22:10:52
英语美文:种植幸福的三个步骤2010-11-15 12:25:31
幸福是什么,精致房子?帅气车子?这些只是物质上的满足,其实很多时候幸福只是心中的宁静感觉。只要你坚持自己的信念,把握好现在的每分每秒,对生活多一份理解和宽容,幸福就掌握在你手中。Step one:Plant your de
双语:精打细算过日子 学生省钱有妙招2010-11-03 16:35:02
如今物价不断上涨,对于没有什么经济收入却又需要开销的大学生一族来说日子真是越发难过。那么除了通过勤工俭学(work-study programs)补贴开支以外,大学生还有什么省钱诀窍呢?快来看看吧!
双语:给在家工作的自己寻找动力2009-08-27 22:03:25
Tips for making it through the tough times 渡过困难时期的小贴士You're lucky. You work from home. You're your own boss and you answer to no one but yourself. You may have worked years or even decade
双语:如何迈出创业的第一步2009-08-27 22:00:04
The First Steps to Take to Start a New Business 开始创业的第一步In any type of economy, there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to go into business for themselves. Recent Bureau of Labor Stati
七夕:我们该如何约会2009-08-27 21:59:00
Struggling to meet someone new? Following these simple yet insightful dating rules might be just be exactly what you need. 正在为和新朋友约会而发愁吗?照着以下这些见解非凡的简单法则去做的话,收获可能
时间管理的五个高效方法2009-06-02 20:34:39
Time management is essential in our high-speed, always-on culture, yet most advice you'll find on this topic is pretty vague. "Setting goals" and "making time work for you" are, um, great, but so are
不可不读的绝对英文经典2009-04-22 12:24:27
         Money is not everything. There's Mastercard & Visa.    钞票不是万能的,有时还需要信用卡.       One should love animals. They are so tasty.     每个人都应该热爱动物,因为它们很好
双语:六个字母读母亲的一生2009-01-10 10:17:09
M-O-T-H-E-R 母亲--By Howard Johnson“M” is for the million things she gave me,“O” means only that she’s growing old,“T” if for the tears she shed to save me,“H” is for her heart of purest go
双语:如果回到十八岁,我要对自己说……2009-01-10 10:14:42
虽然历史不能假设,但是我们却不免经常回想,要是我能回到18岁,我会如何如何,今天,不妨和沪江小编一起来看看本文的作者,一个过着幸福的三十岁生活的人,如果能回到18岁,会对自己说些什么吧。I like to joke tha
双语:爱情非商品 Love Is Not Merchandise2009-01-09 09:17:19
A reader in Florida, apparently bruised by some personal experience, writes in to complain,"If I steal a nickel's worth of merchandise, I am a thief and punished; but if I steal the love of another’
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